What’s the Best Way to Buy Cryptocurrency in Memphis?

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Within the last few years, cryptocurrency has taken Memphis by storm. These days, cryptocurrency meetups, conferences, and enthusiasts are commonplace—and the forecast shows the public interest will only continue to grow. If you’re thinking about taking your first steps in the innovative world of cryptocurrency, you may have asked the question: What’s the best way to buy cryptocurrency in Memphis?

To answer this question, we’ll explain a few key features and benefits of cryptocurrency ATMs.

The Best Way to Buy Cryptocurrency in Memphis: Bitcoin ATMs

Although cryptocurrency ATMs are a brand-new technology, they already offer some incredible benefits when compared to the classic online exchanges.

The best feature of cryptocurrency ATMs is that they’re secure. Cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and, unfortunately, so have the instances of cryptojacking, fake exchanges, and even identity theft.

With so much uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrency, it’s no wonder new users are apprehensive before making their first purchases.

Online exchanges also have tons of pages, information, and trading terminology that a new user simply isn’t familiar with. This can be overwhelming for newcomers in the market. 

Cryptocurrency ATMs take that uncertainty out of the buying process. Because ATMs are a widely-recognized platform for financial transactions, people tend to trust them more and find them more intuitive.

Along with that, Pelicoin’s cryptocurrency ATMs operate on a private, 4G network. This means your information isn’t broadcasted any business’ private router or internet.

Another large benefit of the private network is that you don’t need to put your laptop or home computer at risk.

Although there are a large number of trustworthy exchanges on the internet, there are also a fair number of fake and fraudulent ones, as well as scammers who use peer-to-peer exchanges to scam newcomers. The abundance of bad actors make it difficult to differentiate between them and legitimate services, and people can fall into scams rather easily.

The worst part about the false exchanges is that you use your computer to access them. If you accidentally access a false exchange, you can potentially get a virus which puts your personal information, data and any desktop Bitcoin wallets/private keys at risk.

With a Pelicoin Bitcoin ATM, you don’t use your computer at all to buy your cryptocurrency.

In case you haven’t noticed, the best way to buy cryptocurrency in Memphis is through a cryptocurrency ATM. However, security isn’t their only benefit.

Bitcoin ATMs: Speed

Another great benefit of Bitcoin ATMs is their reliability and speed. If you’ve used an online cryptocurrency exchange before, you know it could take hours, if not days, for the transaction to go through. Bitcoin ATMs have been proven to complete transactions faster than online exchanges, helping you get your exchange done quicker.

Since Bitcoin ATMs run on a closed and private system, there are also fewer hoops to jump through and steps to take before making a purchase.

When you use an online exchange, you often need to create an account before you do anything. After that, you need to go through a series of verification processes to confirm your true identity. Some exchanges will cap the purchase frequency and amounts avaliable to their customers depending on which “verification tier” they are in. Finally, you need to transfer funds into your new account before you can make a purchase. For your funds to be available immediately, you have to use a bank wire or ACH, which can be expensive and slow. 

Along with the need to create a digital wallet, this process is long, drawn-out, and confusing.

Pelicoin Bitcoin ATMs don’t require all this information. All you need to get started is a digital wallet; and if you don’t have one yet, you can easily create one at one of our ATMs.

With a streamlined buying process and a private network, purchasing Bitcoin through a cryptocurrency ATM is quick and simple.

The Best Way to Buy Cryptocurrency in Memphis: Working With a Trustworthy Company

Lastly, cryptocurrency ATMs “put a face to the name.” By this, we mean that each ATM is located in a physical location. Pelicoin provide instruction and customer support.

A large deterrent for many first-time buyers is that many online exchanges don’t offer these features

For example, if you have any questions, issues, or concerns with our cryptocurrency ATM services, you could give us a call and speak with someone who could solve your issue or answer your question in seconds.

Pelicoin: The Best Way to Buy Cryptocurrency in Memphis

Pelicoin is the Gulf South’s largest and most secure cryptocurrency ATM network, and we’re proud to serve the city of Memphis.

In addition to our three existing locations, Pelicoin has added two more locations in the past month. They’re at the following locations:

Exxon Hop-In - 186 N Danny Thomas Blvd.
Shelby Express - 5510 E Shelby Dr.

Our mission at Pelicoin is to simplify the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency, so if you’d like to learn more about how our ATMs work or the services we offer, check out or FAQ or contact us today at support@pelicoin.com or 855-PELICOIN.