New Austin Bitcoin ATM on Duval St.

New Austin Bitcoin ATM on Duval St. .jpg

It’s our privilege here at Pelicoin to announce the newest addition to the Austin Bitcoin ATM family. With this new unit located at the Pronto Food Mart at 4301 Duval St., it just got that much easier to buy Bitcoin in Austin.

This unit is conveniently located across town from our other Pelicoin Bitcoin ATM at Beatniks Market and Cafe in South Manchaca. No matter where you are in Austin, you’re not far from a great neighborhood, or a Pelicoin Bitcoin ATM.

What Is Pelicoin?

Pelicoin is the largest and most secure Bitcoin ATM network in the Gulf South. We’re excited about the future of cryptocurrency and the surrounding technology, so we made it our mission to make it more accessible and less intimidating to get involved. The simplicity and straightforwardness of our ATMs makes it easy for those first-time buyers to purchase Bitcoin and enter the world of cryptocurrency.

You’ll also find that you can buy more than just Bitcoin at our ATMs, which also offer Ethereum and Litecoin.

The Best Austin Bitcoin ATM Out There

As Austin continues to be one of the top cultural and social hubs in Texas, more and more companies are growing and moving there to hop on the train. For decades, people have thought of Austin as a progressive and forward-thinking city, so we couldn’t think of a better place to bring Bitcoin.

Pelicoin is the latest and best Austin Bitcoin ATM, so we make sure that our services are readily available and that our ATMs are easy to use. Since Pelicoin ATMs are many people’s first experience with buying Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies, we made the process as simple and trustworthy as possible. New buyers often feel apprehensive at best in regards to cryptocurrency, so you can rest assured that our ATMs are the safest option available to you if you’re looking to buy.

We also understand that cybersecurity of any kind is of the utmost importance these days. As people lose confidence and faith in many digital outlets such as banks and banking apps, we take pride in the fact that Pelicoin users can have peace of mind when they use our ATMs.

Pelicoin brings cryptocurrency to everybody. You don’t need to be a computer programmer to buy cryptocurrency, either. With the introduction of this new Austin Bitcoin ATM, we know that the city will soon grow to use and trust cryptocurrency even more.

Cryptocurrency in Austin and Beyond

As cryptocurrency’s influence spreads, so does its applications. In recent years, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity in developing nations where the national banks are untrustworthy or less than reliable. In some cases, the people in these countries don’t even have access to a national bank. In order to solve this issue, cryptocurrency companies are moving into these areas to provide people with financial confidence and security as they’ve never had before.

Additionally, cryptocurrencies also serve as great investment opportunities. Since its creation years ago, Bitcoin has skyrocketed in value. To this day, people follow the market and the prices very closely. If you’re looking for a way to make a little money on the side, cryptocurrency is a great avenue if you’re able to read the fluctuations in the market. 

The Newest Austin Bitcoin ATM

Our goal with this latest ATM is to inspire growth in the Austin Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community. As one of two Pelicoin Bitcoin ATMs in Austin (so far), this machine serves the northern half of Austin and is located in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

If you’re too far from our ATM in South Manchaca, visit this location and buy Bitcoin in Austin today. To find a comprehensive list of our many locations in San Antonio and across the rest of the Gulf South, please see our locations page.

If you’re curious about our Austin Bitcoin ATM network or cryptocurrency in general, our blog is a great place to start your crypto education and take the first steps towards making your purchase.

If you have any questions regarding your first purchase on our ATMs or you have general questions regarding the process, reference our FAQ or get in touch with us today at or 855-PELICOIN.