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Bitcoin ATMs in Alabama and Beyond

Looking for Bitcoin ATMs in Alabama or across the Gulf South? Pelicoin offers a vast network of cryptocurrency ATMs in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

All About Fungible & Non-Fungible Tokens

What does fungible and non-fungible mean? Learn how the emergence of non-fungible tokens could dramatically transform the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency Gift Cards Have Arrived

Explore the new and growing uses of cryptocurrency. As the technology gains in popularity, we’ve now seen that cryptocurrency gift cards have arrived.

The Rise of the Cryptocurrency ATM

This is the rise of the cryptocurrency ATM. As crypto becomes more popular, ATMs have become an easy way to purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

The Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin

Interested in finding the best ways to buy bitcoin? Learn how to make the most out of your purchase at a Pelicoin ATM near you.