Frequently Asked Questions

Why haven't I received my Bitcoin yet?

When you purchase Bitcoin from one of our Bitcoin ATMs, the Bitcoin is sent to you via a network called the Blockchain. While we send transactions instantly, it takes 30-60 minutes for the Bitcoin to be sent to your wallet via the Blockchain. You may see the transaction pending immediately; however, not all wallets have this function. 

Which cryptocurrencies does Pelicoin sell? 

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum

What do I need to purchase Bitcoin from your Bitcoin ATMs?

The cash you're using to make your purchase, your mobile phone and your driver's license (depending on the amount of bitcoin you'd like to purchase). You will also need your Bitcoin wallet address (unless you intend to create a paper wallet). Scanning your wallet's QR code at the machine is the easiest way to receive your Bitcoin.

Which Bitcoin wallet should I use?

The only way to send and receive Bitcoin is through a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallets have unique wallet addresses that are specific to each wallet. For security purposes, some wallets generate a new receiving address after each transaction. For ease of use, we recommend using Bread's Bitcoin wallet (BRD). Bread can be found in your smart phone's app store.

How much Bitcoin can I buy from Pelicoin?

Bitcoin transactions ranging from $10 - $4,999 are available at Pelicoin's ATMs. Litecoin and Ethereum Transaction range from $1 - $4,999. Anything over $5,000 can be purchased via wire transfer through Pelicoin's wire department.

I accidentally created a paper wallet at one of Pelicoin's Bitcoin ATMs. What do I do now? 

Paper wallets are used as a safe way to store Bitcoin offline. If you've created one on accident (and you would like to move your Bitcoin to a digital wallet), you will need to import the private key to your preferred digital Bitcoin wallet. While you can use almost any digital Bitcoin wallet to import your private key, Pelicoin has provided instructions on how to do so using some of the more common, user-friendly, mobile Bitcoin wallets.

Should I send Bitcoin, or any other form of currency, to a stranger (or someone I met online) asking for it?

No. Given the nature of privacy that comes along with Cryptocurrencies, scammers will do whatever it takes to trick people into sending funds to them. With Cryptocurrencies, it’s nearly impossible to identify someone solely from the wallet address they provided you to send funds to.

When sending funds to anyone, always use your best judgment and never forget that if something sounds “too good to be true”, it most likely is.

If you wouldn’t feel comfortable sending an envelope of cash to a complete stranger’s P.O. Box, do NOT send Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to them. Once a you send cryptocurrency, you cannot stop, cancel, or reverse the transaction. Please have 100% confidence in the identity of any recipient you intend to transfer funds to.

Why isn’t the bill acceptor accepting my bills?

There are several reasons the bill acceptor might reject a bill. First, when Bitcoin mining fees get really high, it can make it prohibitively expensive for Pelicoin to execute some smaller transactions (there is no minimum for Litecoin or Ethereum transactions).

If Pelicoin's minimum transaction is set to $20, the first bill in the bill acceptor must be $20 or larger. Second, it is possible that you may have somehow acquired a counterfeit bill; the bill acceptor will immediately reject these. Lastly, the kiosks only accept U.S. Dollar-denominated currency.