Louisiana Crypto Companies: Blockchain on the Bayou

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While not exactly being known as a crypto industry leader, Louisiana nevertheless hosts several homegrown businesses and organizations that use crypto and the blockchain in a number of different, innovative, and exciting ways. Despite Louisiana’s lag in the number of crypto companies located in the state, the businesses that currently exist here showcase the ingenuity and business savvy of its residents and, if it’s any indication, point to a very bright future for crypto in the bayou state.

Let’s take a look at our comprehensive list of all the crypto and blockchain companies currently located in Louisiana.


Created in early 2018 in Baton Rouge by a group of enterprising entrepreneurs and local crypto enthusiasts, Moxey is Louisiana’s only cryptocurrency. Moxey is a community of small business owners that are committed to keeping their business truly local. The way they do this is through their cryptocurrency, Moxey. This allows their members to do business together, purchase the things they need with Moxey, and save their cash. Through the Moxey currency and easy-to-use payment platform, a community of trusted businesses has been created who benefit from accessing this unique and powerful medium of exchange.

Business Blockchain HQ

Headquartered in New Orleans, Business Blockchain HQ is a media website providing high-quality content and research on blockchain applications for business and IT professionals. The goal of their website is to inform and educate managers and executives on the blockchain to help them realize the technology’s possibilities in addressing inefficient processes and business challenges.

Louisiana Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Council

First established on January 15, 2017 at Mojo Coffee in New Orleans, the Louisiana Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Council (LABCC) is an organization focused on blockchain education, with the mission of building and implementing use cases of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies across the state of Louisiana.


Gilded is a New Orleans-based crypto company that specializes in crypto accounting services. The company’s mission is to promote cryptocurrency adoption with simple, innovative crypto tools for businesses. From crypto accounting to crypto invoicing, Gilded compliments your existing crypto wallet, making crypto transactions safer and easier to track.

BEAN - Building Economic Advancement Network

The Building Economic Advancement Network, or BEAN, is a social network centered on economic advancement for urban communities. BEAN leverages the latest developments in blockchain technology and social networking to provide a clear path to economic advancement. The blockchain is used to incentivize business transactions among users, who are able to see their daily economic impact and are rewarded with BEAN Coin tokens for their efforts. These tokens are then used as cryptocurrency on the social network.

Revolutionary among social networks, no other website currently exists that utilizes modern social networking to drive economic growth and inclusion.

Crypto Coin Trader

Founded in Baton Rouge by CEO and co-founder Joe Blackburn, Crypto Coin Trader is a blockchain based social media site.  With a focus on Social Media, Community Management and Community Engagement, Crypto Coin Trader is widely considered one of the most influential and successful social media communities in the blockchain.

Coin Bayou

Originally headquartered in New Orleans, Coin Bayou announced earlier this year that it was moving operations of its crypto data mining center to a nearly 3-acre plot nearly at 15635 E. Airline Hwy. in the tiny industrial zone of Norco in St. Charles Parish. While it doesn’t look like much right now, the site is actually gearing up to become one of the largest Bitcoin operations in all of the South.

The reason is simple. Electricity costs are extremely low in Louisiana, making Louisiana the best place to mine Bitcoin in the entire United States.

Crypto Research

Crypto Research was launched earlier this year by Joe Castille in Lafayette, Louisiana with the goal of performing quality research on the crypto industry and the various applications for crypto and the blockchain. Still in its early stages, this ambitious startup hopes to launch its website soon and begin making its mark on the burgeoning crypto scene.

Astra Network

Astra Network is a New Orleans-based private equity firm that specializes exclusively in the management of digital assets. Astra Network distributes accumulated earnings contractually and operates with an underlying performance-based structure. Launched earlier this year by co-founders Richard Carthon Adam Kinyon, Astra Network specializes in long, medium, and short-term equitable cryptocurrency investments.

Last But Not Least, Pelicoin

We can’t make a list of Bitcoin businesses in Louisiana without including our very own. Since 2014, Pelicoin has served as the industry pioneer in our state, creating the first Bitcoin ATM a couple of years before the current crypto craze and continuing to expand and dominate the local market for instant cryptocurrency transactions. If you’re interested in purchasing Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, Pelicoin’s numerous ATM locations spread across the state are ready to help you make it happen. Call (504) 507-0879 or email us at support@pelicoin.com for any questions.