Is It Too Late to Buy Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin’s price and popularity have skyrocketed over the last two or so years. With all of this increased exposure has come an increase in adoption and usage by both merchants and consumers alike. Yet, over the past year, while Bitcoin’s popularity remains as strong as ever, the price of the cryptocurrency has taken a serious hit, with a steep drop from it’s peak price of nearly $20,000 back in 2017. This has many people asking, “Is it too late to buy Bitcoin?”

5 Reasons You Should Buy Bitcoin Right Now

  1. Bitcoin is cheap(er)
    The decline in BTC’s price over the past several months has made it a relatively cheap investment option, especially compared to its hyper-valued days at around the $20k mark.

  2. Price correction has brought Bitcoin to a healthy, stable valuation
    2017 brought brought about the insane rally of Bitcoin, leading to the surge in value and the overinflated peak price of $19,500. With this sort of meteoric rise, of course, came the inevitable price correction. The recent correction of Bitcoin has brought the cryptocurrency to a healthy, stable valuation (currently hovering around $6,000) that is still higher than it was before the rally began.

  3. Bitcoin has proven to be both reliable and scalable
    While many banking, financial systems and other cryptocurrencies have had constant reliability issues (including system vulnerabilities, intrusions, and theft by hackers), Bitcoin has avoided most of the issues plaguing other cryptos and has proven to be extremely reliable for the most part. It’s also shown to be scalable, with an increasing array of scaling upgrades implemented by Bitcoin users and companies that have added significant capacity (and value) to the currency.

  4. Crypto is achieving widespread adoption and Bitcoin is the industry leader
    Ever since the explosion of Bitcoin in 2017, cryptocurrencies have now reached the mainstream. While it varies from country to country, the vast majority of the world’s population has, at the very least, heard about Bitcoin.

    With cryptocurrencies achieving widespread popularity, there is an obvious upward trend in terms of more and more people becoming interested in investing in it. Yet of all the cryptocurrencies out there, Bitcoin remains the industry leader and is the best to invest in. So, why is not too late to buy Bitcoin?

    For starters, Bitcoin is easily the most well-known and recognizable cryptocurrency on the planet, as well as the oldest and most reliable. All of these factors make it an obvious choice in terms of long term, sustainable growth and potential for industry domination.

    A second reason is, as mentioned earlier, Bitcoin’s proven, practical and easily feasible scalability. This allows it to support a large amount of usage without sacrificing its decentralized nature, cryptos’ most important benefit and something its competitors lack.

  5. Continued user growth

    While there has been a noticeable slowdown since the height of its growth last year, Bitcoin continues to experience user growth at a steady and healthy rate. This continued growth makes Bitcoin a good investment because all indicators point to more growth for the foreseeable future.

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