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How Do I Find a Bitcoin Machine Near Me?

Trying to find a Bitcoin machine near you? Pelicoin has one of the largest networks of Bitcoin ATMs across the Gulf South. Visit one of our locations today.

New Austin Bitcoin ATM on Duval St.

Pelicoin is proud to announce a brand new Austin Bitcoin ATM located on Duval St. No matter where you are in Austin, you’re never far from a Pelicoin Bitcoin ATM!

Bitcoin ATMs in Alabama and Beyond

Looking for Bitcoin ATMs in Alabama or across the Gulf South? Pelicoin offers a vast network of cryptocurrency ATMs in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

All About Fungible & Non-Fungible Tokens

What does fungible and non-fungible mean? Learn how the emergence of non-fungible tokens could dramatically transform the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency Gift Cards Have Arrived

Explore the new and growing uses of cryptocurrency. As the technology gains in popularity, we’ve now seen that cryptocurrency gift cards have arrived.