Pelicoin Bitcoin ATM


Beatnik's Market

4415 Manchaca Rd.
Austin, TX 78745

Hours: Open 24/7


About This Location

Pelicoin makes it easy to participate in the exciting and boundary-breaking world of cryptocurrency. Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, Pelicoin allows customers to buy Bitcoin in Austin, TX as well as other locations throughout the Gulf South. This ATM is located at Beatnik’s Market & Cafe right in the heart of Austin.  

Pelicoin’s mission is to bring cryptocurrency to everybody. Cryptocurrency is a brand new field, and, especially for those of us who aren’t technologically savvy, it can be a little intimidating. Our ATMs simplify the process of buying Bitcoin and other currencies by making purchases straightforward, quick, and secure. ATMs are a great option for both seasoned crypto veterans and those just beginning their cryptocurrency journeys.  

As Bitcoin becomes more popular, more people and businesses are realizing that cryptocurrency is more than a simple investment. Cryptocurrency’s applications are broadening and soon, we’ll be able to use Bitcoin in exchange for goods and services, just like traditional currencies. Pelicoin is on the forefront of this push towards solidifying cryptocurrency’s role in the modern world. See what this new technology has to offer and turn your cash into digital currency at your Austin Bitcoin ATM today.