Austin Bitcoin: A New Cryptocurrency ATM for our City’s South Manchaca Neighborhood

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If you’re an experienced cryptocurrency trader or holder, or you’ve been looking for your chance to enter the exciting world of cryptocurrency for the first time, we have great news for you. The long wait for an Austin Bitcoin ATM is finally over.

Pelicoin, the Gulf South’s largest cryptocurrency ATM network, is proud to announce the installation of a new unit at Beatnik’s Market and Cafe, 4415 Manchaca Road.

If you’re interested in the other major cryptocurrencies, Pelicoin users aren’t restricted to Bitcoin alone—you can buy Ethereum and Litecoin at each of our ATMs as well.

We’re Excited to Help the Austin Bitcoin Community Grow

When we decided to install our ATMs in Texas, we knew that it would spur growth in the cryptocurrency community. With the technology boom that Austin has enjoyed in recent years, we knew Bitcoin ATMs would fit in perfectly with this forward-thinking southern city.

Our Austin Bitcoin ATM will help spread awareness and increase people’s trust in the technology, which, in turn, will push it forward and create space for further applications and advancements. We’re excited about what role blockchain and cryptocurrency will play in the future, and the first step is to start with the community.

Austin is the perfect place to do this because it’s such a major city in the Gulf South. It’s one of the best places to start a small business, and tech companies are flocking to Austin’s downtown area like never before. With this startup activity and focus from the tech community nationwide, what better place to spread Bitcoin awareness than Austin?

How Pelicoin Shapes the Austin Bitcoin Community

Our mission at Pelicoin is to demystify cryptocurrency. We understand that all the news, information, and speculation surrounding this new technology can be overwhelming for first-time holders or buyers. Many people who are interested in starting their cryptocurrency journeys aren’t sure where they should even begin!

That’s why our Austin Bitcoin ATMs are designed to make buying Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies as simple and straightforward as possible. Normally, new users would have to find an online exchange, create an account, and hope that their information is secure when they make a transaction. Pelicoin users enjoy the simplicity that the ATM format offers, and they can rest assured that their money and information is safe and secure.

You will also enjoy the convenience that our many locations offer. We strategically place our ATMs in central areas that are easy to access. We were also careful to choose safe areas and neighborhoods where our users would feel comfortable using our ATMs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

On top of that, if you have any questions about how to use our ATMs or if you’re uncertain about any process involved in buying crypto, or what you’ll need to start, you can easily contact us. Unlike Pelicoin, most other cryptocurrency exchanges don’t offer customer support, so if you have any questions, it can be difficult to get answers.

We believe that our Austin Bitcoin ATMs will revolutionize the way we think about cryptocurrency and that the simplicity and security that our ATMs offer will spur growth in the Austin Bitcoin community.

Austin Bitcoin: a Cryptocurrency ATM for the South Manchaca Neighborhood

If you live in South Manchaca, buying cryptocurrency has never been easier. Located at Beatnik’s Market and Cafe, this Bitcoin ATM serves the Austin community by making cryptocurrency safe and easy to buy.

If you’re interested in participating in the exciting new world of cryptocurrency, visit this ATM location today, or check out the location serving the north of Austin at the Pronto Food Market at 4301 Duval Street. We also have locations in San Antonio and the rest of the Gulf South. Visit our locations page to learn more about our units spread across Shreveport, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Monroe, Mandeville, Memphis, Jackson, Mobile, and more! 

Visit our website and check out our blog to learn more about everything from blockchain to market speculation. You will also find a comprehensive guide on how to use our ATMs.

If you have any questions about our ATMs or Bitcoin itself, visit our FAQ or contact us today at or 855-PELICOIN.