The Bitcoin ATM in Texas: What’s Changing and What You Need to Know

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Texas has always been regarded as an important player in the tech world, and that hasn’t changed one bit. What is changing, however, are the industries that are coming to Texas each day. If you’ve seen a Bitcoin ATM in Texas, then you may have seen the next wave of innovation passing through the Lone Star State.

By today’s standards, cryptocurrency isn’t a new technology. The first documented cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created in 2009 by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. The new additions, trends, advancements that come along with cryptocurrency are what keeps the news fresh.

Unfortunately, with this progression, new pitfalls have arisen that deter new users from making their first cryptocurrency purchase.

The good news is that reliable and trustworthy players in the cryptocurrency market have responded, and Pelicoin will show you how.

Pelicoin: The Bitcoin ATM in Texas

Pelicoin is one of the big movers of the new Bitcoin ATM industry.

With the reluctance and apprehension that customers feel toward buying Bitcoin online, many users have turned to Bitcoin ATMs to make their purchases.

In the past, the only way to buy cryptocurrency was through an online exchange. Although there is a large number of perfectly secure and reliable exchanges on the internet, the number of unregulated or completely fake exchanges has skyrocketed. New users and veteran users alike struggle to tell the difference between the real exchanges and the fake ones, and, unfortunately, have fallen into scams like identity theft, phishing, and false promotions.

In order to combat this trend and present a positive change, Pelicoin has joined the ranks of Bitcoin ATMs that offer a secure and trustworthy way to purchase major cryptocurrencies like Ether, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Pelicoin has also implemented safeguards to prevent its customers from completing fraudulent transactions.

We’re proud to have the largest, most widespread, and most secure Bitcoin ATM network in the Gulf South, and we’re delighted to announce the opening of five new locations (with five more on the way) spread conveniently between Austin and San Antonio.

This means that if you live in South Texas, purchasing cryptocurrency just got a lot simpler and a lot safer. That’s why Pelicoin is your Bitcoin ATM in Texas!

Bitcoin ATM in Texas: How Does Pelicoin Simplify Cryptocurrency?

Another positive change in the cryptocurrency scene is ease of purchase.

Everybody’s familiar with the ATM format, so using one is second nature for new users and veterans too. On top of that, Bitcoin ATMs are known to work quicker than the online exchanges which means you get our cryptocurrency faster.

If you use an online exchange, you also need to create an account with that exchange. Why go through the extra step and put your information online? With a Pelicoin Bitcoin ATM, there’s no need to go through the pain of creating an exchange account. All you need is a digital wallet, your phone and the cash you want to use to make your transaction. Everything can be done in 1-2 minutes at one of our ATMs.

At Pelicoin, we think the best way to simplify cryptocurrency is to educate and inform the public. Luckily, if you live in Texas, there are hundreds of cryptocurrency conferences and meetups that you can attend to learn more about the exciting world of cryptocurrency.

In keeping with educating the public, our blog is also full of useful information and guides that will help you stay up-to-date and informed.

What Else is Changing in Texas?

Thankfully, Texan legislation has also taken measures against cryptocurrency scammers.

Recently, Texas became the first state in the union to fine an illegitimate exchange and force it to pay reparations to the affected investors. They found the exchange guilty of delivering unregistered investment pitches and deceiving the public.

Additionally, the Lone Star State has also shown interest in officially recognizing stablecoin as a legitimate form of cash. For these two reasons, Texas plays an active and positive role in the cryptocurrency community.

Along with Colorado, Texas has proven itself to have an eye to the future and maintain its incredible trend of fostering innovation.

Your Bitcoin ATM in Texas

With all these positive trends, it’s no surprise that we expanded our ATM network to serve the great people of Texas.

If you’re ready to make your first cryptocurrency purchase, check out our locations page to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM in Texas!