Buy Bitcoins in Louisiana: How Cryptocurrency Could Soon Be Used at Local Stores

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Cryptocurrencies are a revolutionary innovation that promises to change the way that business is done in this country. Now, there are alternate payment methods in addition to the more tried and true means of payment. Online merchants have long accepted cryptocurrencies. Now there are some stores that will soon accept cryptocurrency as payment. In order to be able use cryptocurrency as payment, one can visit a cryptocurrency ATM.

Using Bitcoin in Stores

Bitcoin technology readily supports their usage as currency in the retail space. There are still some hurdles to overcome before acceptance of Bitcoins becomes commonplace in stores. The price volatility may scare some merchants from accepting cryptocurrency. However, if the price of Bitcoin is on the upswing, some merchants may jump at the chance to be paid in cryptocurrency as a way to enhance the income stream of their business. In addition, the advantage of accepting payment in Bitcoin is a truly cashless transaction that is easier for both customer and merchant. The excitement surrounding Bitcoin has raised curiosity about more widespread usage.

The key to the use of cryptocurrency in stores is the QR code. The user will download a Bitcoin wallet app onto their smartphone. A QR code is then generated and is scanned for payment, debiting the customer’s Bitcoin wallet to fulfill the payment. Essentially, by accepting Bitcoins for payment, the store is finding a way to enter the Bitcoin market by trading cash for cryptocurrency. By accepting cryptocurrencies, stores may open up an entire new customer base, connecting with the part of the population that uses Bitcoin.

A Growing Acceptance of Bitcoin

Several locations of restaurants Subway and KFC have begun to accept Bitcoin for payment at their locations. These decisions have been made by individual franchisees as opposed to becoming corporate policy, although widespread acceptance of these payment methods may ultimately tip the hand of corporate management. In addition, cryptocurrency is also a way for jewelers and other stores that make large transactions to escape the tyranny of the credit card companies. Multiple cryptocurrency payment processors have entered the market, which makes it easier for customers to pay, and stores to accept Bitcoin. Perhaps the future of retail transactions may involve payment for home delivery of purchases using only cryptocurrency and a smartphone.

Cryptocurrency ATM’s: A Convenient New Way to Use Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency ATM’s are a new way for customers to receive Bitcoin. Instead of driving to the bank and using a physical machine to obtain cryptocurrency, these machines are being installed in various locations at the rate of nine per day nationwide. Customers are able to both purchase and deposit Bitcoins using this machine. Use of these machines makes it easier to visit stores that accept cryptocurrency and do your shipping without a wallet full of cash and coins. Many of these ATM’s offer not only Bitcoins but other types of cryptocurrency as well. These machines are not available in over 40 countries on four continents, including many here in the U.S.

Pelicoin: Your Louisiana Cryptocurrency Headquarters

For Bitcoins in Louisiana, Pelicoin ATM is a one-stop solution to handle customers’ cryptocurrency needs. Bitcoins in Louisiana are now available at a dozen locations across the state, including New Orleans, Metairie, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Shreveport. Customers who wish to use cryptocurrency to handle both their online and in-person transactions should search the firm’s website to find the closest Pelicoin ATM location to them to buy Bitcoin.