The Rise of the Cryptocurrency ATM

Last time you walked into a gas station, you may have walked past a Bitcoin ATM without realizing it. Cryptocurrency ATMs looks similar to your average bank ATMs, but they exchange cash for cryptocurrency and vise-versa. There are now over 3,400 cryptocurrency ATMs installed around the world, with more popping up each day.

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The Pros of a Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin ATM

With the popularity of cryptocurrency ATMs on the rise, here are some of the major reasons cryptocurrency ATMs are revolutionizing the world of digital currency.


Increased Access to Cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrency through an online exchange involves going through a lot of trouble, sorting through websites, and learning their processes. Cryptocurrency ATMs, on the other hand, are familiar and easy to use. They’re in locations that we commonly visit, like gas stations and convenience stores, which make them easy to access. Furthermore, the interface resembles that of a traditional banking ATM. Because the interfaces are so similar, using them is more intuitive.


Decreased Banking Barriers

Nearly 2 billion people worldwide don’t have a bank account according to the World Bank's Global Financial Inclusion database. Whether it’s because they lack ID or the physical access to a reliable bank, they can get around this barrier with increased access to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency ATM access increases alongside the growth of the cryptocurrency market, and therefore continually works to eradicate banking barriers across the globe.


Reduced Foreign Transaction Costs and Hassle of Currency Exchange

Recently, a cryptocurrency ATM opened in the Amsterdam Airport. This makes it easy for travelers out of the Netherlands to exchange their euros to cryptocurrency when headed to destinations that don’t accept euros. This avoids foreign transaction fees on their credit cards, as cryptocurrency isn’t centralized by a third party or government. Furthermore, it saves travelers the stress of exchanging their local currency to foreign currency. They’re charged for that exchange and are left to use that currency only where it’s accepted. Cryptocurrency has no borders and can be continually purchased and exchanged at cryptocurrency ATMs around the world.


Where to Find a Pelicoin Cryptocurrency ATM?

New Orleans Cryptocurrency ATM

Pelicoin has New Orleans Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin ATMs throughout the greater region. There, customers can buy cryptocurrency in a safe and secure environment. Pelicoin has machines inside New Orleans proper, as well as multiple ATMs in Metairie, just a short drive away from the city.  


Baton Rouge Cryptocurrency ATM

Finding a BR Bitcoin ATM was difficult before Pelicoin opened up. Now, customers can access one of Pelicoin’s 3 crypto ATMs in Baton Rouge and buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum with ease.


Shreveport Cryptocurrency ATM

Pelicoin has one cryptocurrency ATM located on East Bert Kouns Industrial Loop. Customers can expect the same functionality and customer support here as all other Pelicoin ATMs.


Lafayette Cryptocurrency ATM

Pelicoin has one cryptocurrency ATM located on Ambassador Caffery Parkway in Broussard, LA. This location is a 24-hour store.


Memphis Cryptocurrency ATM

Pelicoin recently installed 3 brand new Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum ATMs in Memphis, TN. With one ATM downtown and two ATMs in the centralized area of Poplar Ave., customers don’t have to go far to buy crypto.


Coming Soon!

Pelicoin is launching two machines in the Jackson, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama markets this month.

View all Pelicoin ATM locations here.


Ready to Try a Pelicoin Cryptocurrency ATM?

Are you ready to check out a cryptocurrency ATM? With locations all over the Gulf South, you can conveniently get started at a Pelicoin ATM today! Please don’t hesitate to contact Pelicoin at (504) 507-0879 or with any questions.