How the San Antonio Bitcoin Scene Is Growing

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In the high-tech industry, Austin is touted as the Texan leader in innovation and invention. Although Austin is a vital city in the tech realm, San Antonio’s accomplishments in the field are widely, and unjustly, overlooked. However, by referencing historical events in the San Antonio tech sphere, looking at current events, and making predictions for the future, it’s plain to see that Alamo City plays a huge part in the high-tech and cryptocurrency markets. Here’s why you’ll be hearing a lot more about the San Antonio Bitcoin scene in the coming months and years.

San Antonio Bitcoin Is a New Chapter in a Long Book

Before exploring the burgeoning San Antonio Bitcoin scene, it’s important to look into the city’s technological past and its role in the tech world as we know it today.

The cradle of technology and innovation in Texas is the 72-mile Austin-San Antonio corridor. San Antonio and Austin have had a complementary relationship in the high-tech industry over the years, and that’s because both cities have different strengths. Austin is historically known for technological innovation and startups, whereas San Antonio is widely known for invention and aerospace engineering.

With the number of breakthroughs and technological firsts under San Antonio’s belt, for instance, the first wheels and seatbelts on planes in 1910, reverse thrusters for jet engines, the first PC with a single chip 8-bit microprocessor, and countless more, you’d think San Antonio would be neck and neck in the tech race.

The difference between the two cities, however, can be chalked up to the fact that San Antonio is more focussed on federal contracts and health-science research, which are two service-based industries, than tech startups and product companies. The types of businesses which produce products for market simply generate higher profit margins and appeal to a wider range of clientele.

Though this difference between product-based businesses and service-based business, and San Antonio’s subscription to the latter, could discourage startup activity in Alamo City, the technological tides are changing. Recently, Inc. Magazine cited San Antonio as a national “tech hotspot,” and we couldn’t agree more.

How Does This Affect the San Antonio Bitcoin Scene?

Along with the new developments in the tech scene, San Antonio is among the best cities for software developers. This is mostly due to the low cost of living, a relatively high average income, and favorable job availability.

As far as Pelicoin is concerned, this datum is indicative of a new era in San Antonio tech, and, most importantly, San Antonio Bitcoin. As people see the amount of invention, work ethic, and enterprise along with the engaging culture and ideal cost of living that San Antonio offers, startups and tech companies will move in quickly.

With respect to the San Antonio crypto scene, we’re seeing more and more local businesses implementing the option to pay for products and services with major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. We’re also seeing the number of annual cryptocurrency meetups, expos, and conferences designed to educate the general public and draw newcomers into the scene. As San Antonio’s interest in high-tech, startups, and revolutionary software strengthens each day, cryptocurrency is teed up to have a major impact on the region.

But, in order for cryptocurrency to truly take off and become an everyday part of our lives, the public needs to grow their trust in the new technology and learn as much as possible about it. There are several factors that contribute to the public’s distrust of cryptocurrency. This means it’s the community’s duty to demystify cryptocurrency and help people understand what it is and what benefits crypto’s potential could unlock.

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