When and Where to Buy Ethereum  

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In layman’s terms, Bitcoin is sometimes used as a catchall phrase to refer to all types of digital currency. Bitcoin is certainly the most widely known form of cryptocurrency, but it’s not the only option out there. Over 2,500 digital currencies exist, and that number is constantly growing. One popular variety is Ether, the digital currency unit which secures the blockchain network called Ethereum.

How Is Ether Different From Bitcoin?

The value of an Ethereum unit, called an Ether, is generally considered slightly more stable than Bitcoin, although the entire crypto marketplace is admittedly speculative.

People like how an Ether transaction can take place in seconds instead of minutes, like Bitcoin. There is also a finite number of Bitcoin in existence, whereas new Ether are being constantly generated and added to the economy.

The Ethereum system is also based on a principle of “smart” contracts, in which a transaction can only happen and Ether can successfully transfer from one digital wallet to another when certain conditions are met. This feature can be useful when Ether funds are offered for accomplishing certain tasks, such as compensation for a freelance project. Ether will only be released when the job is complete.

Because developers can add code to Ether, companies can use this feature to create their own unique local currency, a feature that could be useful for a venture that wants its own payment system within its own private environment. This function is not available with Bitcoin.

Once you’ve decided which cryptocurrencies interest you, you’ll want to keep your eye out for opportunities to buy, sell or convert your coins.

How Can I Convert Ether To Dollars?

If you live, visit, or do business in the Gulf South, you’ll find a variety of secure cryptocurrency ATMs where you can use dollars to purchase Ether, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Pelicoin has begun adding two-way machines to its fleet where you can sell Bitcoin for cash. The Pelicoin ATM network allows people to visit any of the network machines to buy Ether. You can even convert existing Ether into dollars and withdraw them.

The largest secure cryptocurrency ATM network in the region answers the question of where to buy Ethereum with locations in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana, with more machines frequently being added.

Some are found in tourist-friendly areas, like the heart of downtown New Orleans, where it’s easy to stop in and quickly exchange cash to crypto and then continue your sightseeing and exploring. Others are right on the outskirts of major cities, making them accessible to those who live in less urban areas nearby.

Pelicoin ATMs can be accessed securely at all hours, and many are found at gas stations or convenience stores that are open 24-hours a day. It takes a minimum of $1 to get started at these ATMs. Working with anything larger than $3,000 requires contacting Pelicoin’s support staff.

When Should I Buy Ether?

As to when you should consider purchasing or exchanging Ether, financial experts recommend keeping an eye on the value. If it rises higher than Bitcoin, it might be a good time to convert Bitcoin to Ether. If the value drops, you can consider buying more Ether. This way, when the value goes up again, you can see a good return.

Overall, learning more about Ethereum including where to buy Ethereum can be a potentially lucrative venture.