Memphis and Tennessee Crypto Companies

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Most cryptocurrency companies establish their operations in major metropolises. The reason for this is that cryptocurrencies are international ventures. Major metro areas offer a neutral playing field with all the amenities and comforts that cater to diverse cultures. However, some innovative small markets are attracting crypto enterprises as well. Memphis is one of these smaller market cities that recognizes the opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer.

It is about more than digital money.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology represent a revolutionary method of completing digital transactions. They can cryptographically secure data on immutable digital ledgers. On public blockchains, these ledgers are distributed, decentralized, and transparent. The result is a highly disruptive technology that empowers and reassures individuals and small investors.

While Large corporations can afford to (and are in the process of) developing their own private blockchains, cryptocurrencies’ public ledgers offer small operators the opportunity to become more competitive.

In localized markets like Memphis, it’s possible for companies to become enmeshed with the rest of the world using crypto. One such industry that’s exercising it’s right to use this new tech is real estate. In the past few years, several Tennessee real estate transactions were completed using cryptocurrencies.

Tennessee Crypto Companies

Entirety Technologies is uniquely influential among Memphis Bitcoin companies. It is passionately informing the public about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology within the Memphis area. It offers a variety of training for those new to the crypto world, as well as professionals. These include blockchain-as-a-service and an introduction to Bitcoin.

Bitmain is one of the most influential companies in the cryptocurrency industry. It uses specialized hardware for mining cryptocurrencies. Its influence over the Chinese markets is unmatched. Now Bitmain is focusing on land acquisitions in addition to developing new mining hardware. The company already has several enormous land areas in the east. It is expanding into North America. In addition to Quebec, Texas, and Washington, Bitmain has chosen Tennessee because of its cheap and accessible electricity.

One of the hottest mobile companies in blockchain is Robinhood. It developed a cryptocurrency platform with zero-commission trades. Investors can choose from stocks, options, and emerging ETFs. Tennessee is one of three new states where the Robinhood trading platform is available.

Peer Ledger applies blockchain technology for the automotive and healthcare industries. The company plans to locate its U.S. headquarters near the University of Memphis. In Chattanooga, the Blockchain Transport Alliance is touting blockchain for the freight industry. It is targeting companies like Bridgestone. DexFreight, and DayaMed Inc. are also in discussions about new blockchain companies coming to the area.

Emerging Crypto Businesses in Tennessee

When it comes to Tennessee Crypto companies, investors should not overlook the impact of ATM enterprises. Bitcoin ATMs arrived in Memphis in November of 2016. They provide a tangible way for the general public to see cryptocurrencies in action.

Here is a map you can use to find crypto ATMs.

As Tennessee House Bill 1507 begins to impact the local economy, it becomes clear how cryptocurrencies will be important. As of January 2018, businesses now have the legal authority to employ blockchain technology and smart contracts because Tennessee protects the ownership right of these transactions.

FedEx plans to use blockchain technology to resolve disputes in Memphis. The FedEx Institute of Technology hosted a recent blockchain event in Memphis that included companies like IBM, Lockheed, and BP. Several industries were discussed including healthcare, travel, manufacturing, and education. For information about other companies interested in the Memphis area visit the Energy Conference Network.

It’s Not Too Late!

It is certainly not too late to get into Bitcoin. It is cheaper now than it has been a while. Investors should note that virtually all global markets are in a correction. For much of 2018, Bitcoin demonstrated what some experts say is better stability than gold. Visit this link for 5 of the top reasons why now is a great time to look at cryptocurrency businesses.

Where to Buy Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are available through the many branches of the Gulf South crypto ATM company Pelicoin. Their widespread ATMs enable investors to receive cryptocurrencies on paper wallets, universally considered the most secure way to store crypto investments. Without an online computer transaction, savvy investors needn’t worry about the myriad hacks, thefts, etc. that have been the subject of much media scrutiny.

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