Bitcoin Vending Machines: The Next Bitcoin Machine You’ll See Everywhere

Bitcoin vending machines may just be one more way cryptocurrencies slip into mainstream society. As blockchain technology becomes more understood, industries are racing to find practical applications in their given fields. Bitcoin vending machines allow for a variety of industries to test out whether the public will engage with machines that offer cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Bitcoin Vending Machine

A Crypto Vending Machine for Beer?

One of the most widely-known cases of a proposed cryptocurrency vending machine was done by a San Francisco-based company called Civic. Civic partnered with Anheuser-Busch to create a beer vending machine that accepts Bitcoin. The company claimed that it had no intentions of getting into the beer-vending business full-time. Instead, they focused on harnessing the power of blockchain-based identity verification.

As you may know, the blockchain is a decentralized public ledger that is the backbone of all cryptocurrencies. Though most associate the blockchain with verifying transactions between currencies, it is possible to digitize and insert any document into the blockchain. Civic used the blockchain to verify the ages of customers who were interested in buying a beer.

Widespread Adoption of Cryptocurrency

The ultimate goal of many in the crypto community is to spread the use of cryptocurrency by integrating it within different systems and industries. Bitcoin vending machines create a perfect outlet for businesses to test out the validity of cryptocurrency in the marketplace. Today, as cryptocurrency ATMs in the Gulf South and beyond become more popular, more people will have easy access to at least Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Even a few years ago, there were different types of vending machines that accepted Bitcoin. Now, the number of machines continues to grow and crypto enthusiasts see more avenues to spend their money.

Benefits of Bitcoin Vending Machines

Just like any currency, widespread adoption of crypto is vital for growth. One of the main obstacles that people run into when deciding to purchase or invest in cryptocurrencies is that they don’t see any practical use. With the advent of Bitcoin vending machines, not only will people see an immediate practical use, but the product will be immediately available as well. Crypto vending machines help push Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies further into mainstream society.

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