Investing in Bitcoin in Memphis: Venture Capitalists And Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin in Memphis and beyond has exploded onto the financial scene in the past few years. Cryptocurrency has emerged from the fringes to dramatically impact how the world views money, transactions, and worth. What started as a theory has now grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry, and venture capitalists have begun to catch on. Bitcoin in Memphis and other smaller markets is still a growing industry, and investors are beginning to realize that they can make a lot of money.

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Where Have the VCs Been?

Even though cryptocurrency has grown to the powerhouse that it has become, one of its earliest hurdles was winning over the traditional financial sector. Investors and venture capitalists were wary of investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of the lack of transparency and regulation. They knew how traditional financing worked, and cryptocurrency was a whole new animal they would have to understand.

Recently, companies have launched ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, in order to raise money for new businesses. ICOs allow businesses to create, and offer, their own cryptocurrency coins rather than shares of the company. Not only does this allow them to expedite the process of raising capital, it also allows them to keep their equity. This ICO structure goes against what most traditional venture capitalists hope to achieve, so they have created a new structure to ensure that they get their value.

Many venture capitalists have opted to create a way for them to retain some coins while bypassing the ICO altogether. Instead of a mad dash to see how many coins they could buy when a company launches its ICO, investors are trying to work behind the scenes to secure a fixed number of coins in the future. This strategy has been called SAFT, or Simple Agreement for Future Tokens. By granting them a promised number of future coins/tokens, companies are getting the prestige and notoriety of venture capitalists without putting investors in a stressful situation.

Bitcoin in Memphis and Other Smaller Markets

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made some groups an unbelievable amount of money, while others still haven’t gotten a grasp on it yet. According to BTC Manager, the top ten crypto cities by volume are:

  1. Manhattan

  2. Chicago

  3. Jacksonville

  4. San Francisco

  5. San Antonio

  6. Washington, DC

  7. Houston

  8. Los Angeles

  9. Las Vegas

  10. Atlanta

Clearly, these are all larger markets with broad populations and a variety of industries. Bitcoin in Memphis and other small markets is catching up, but it doesn’t have the same level of volume and enthusiasm. This leaves a large space that can be filled by investors and venture capitalists in these smaller markets.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Memphis

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