Louisiana Cryptocurrency: Lafayette Mayor’s Recent Proposal

In April of this year, Lafayette, LA Mayor-President Joel Robideaux announced he would like to pioneer a first for Louisiana cryptocurrency; he wants the city-parish government to create its own digital currency.


Robideaux would be following in the footsteps of what very few cities, governments, etc. have even considered. Berkeley, CA has famously started its own ICO initiative, which may have inspired Robideaux to look into Louisiana cryptocurrency and see what Lafayette’s own cryptocurrency could mean for the city. The city of Berkeley started the project to fund more affordable housing in the city. The city’s homeless population has been on the rise, and city officials were nervous that Trump’s recent tax bill's business tax code would prevent building developers from constructing public housing. There’s potential for Lafayette, Louisiana cryptocurrency to help the city too, although Robideaux has yet to announce specifics.

What This Means for Louisiana Cryptocurrency

According the The Advocate, when referring to what this cryptocurrency could do for Lafayette, Robideaux said it would, “develop solutions targeting government inefficiencies, and, more importantly, alternatives for financing public infrastructure.” This advancement in government financing has a lot of potential for the city and implications for other cities as well.

Building a Blockchain Research Lab

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies, has the potential to revolutionize many industries. Because the technology is so new, there are not many research labs dedicated to developing new uses for blockchain, gathering more data, etc. This would be exciting for Louisiana cryptocurrency and the economy of Louisiana, not just Lafayette. Robideaux said they could use their research with national and international leaders to create solutions to real government issues.

Investments From Major Institutions

Not only does Robideaux think more local investors would be interested in cryptocurrency, but he knows that major tech companies and financial institutions are investing in the industry. Microsoft, Credit Suisse, and JP Morgan, are just a few. There is potential for a cryptocurrency to be a really lucrative investment for the city of Lafayette.

Ready to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

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